Rules & Regulations


  • 1. Strict silence and order must be observed by all in the library.
  • 2. A student must have his library card to enter the library. These cards are exchangeable.
  • 3. All articles and personal belongings must be left outside when entering the library. Only a copy-book and library book, if to be returned, may be taken into the library.
  • 4. Only one book will be issued per card and no student can take a book on another’s card. A book can be kept for One week only. No renewal will be allowed.
  • 5. Books exclusively meant for reference are not to be taken out of the library.
  • 6. Before leaving the library every student must submit for scrutiny the books borrowed.
  • 7. If any defect is noticed in a book that is being borrowed, the librarian should be notified. Fine will be imposed for damages done to books and articles in the library.
  • 8. Books lost must be replaced by the borrower.
  • 9. Library cards are issued once a year. A lost card may be replaced by a new One but a fine of Rs. 25 will have to be paid.
  • 10. No books may be retained during the summer, autumn and winter vacations.
  • 11. The books issued from the Library must be returned within 15 days. Otherwise Rs. 5/- will be charged as fine. Thereafter Rs. 10/- per month will be charged cumulatively.


  • 1. The Computer lab is a place of learning and serious work. For this ‘Silence’ is a very necessary element. OBSERVE STRICT SILENCE.
  • 2. Dust is the greatest enemy of the Computer. REMOVE SHOES BEFORE ENTERING THE ROOM. WEAR CLEAN SOCKS.
  • 3. The Computer is a complicated electronic instrument which is learned through instruction and operation. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS OF THE TEACHER CAREFULLY.
  • 4. The Computer is a very delicate and expensive machine. Damages must be paid for by the student. REPORT IMMEDIATELY ANY KIND OF DEFECT OR DAMAGE, SO THAT PROMPT ACTION MAY BE TAKEN AND THE MACHINE IS AVILABLE FOR THE NEXT CLASS.
  • 5. Computer Time is precious. DO NOT WASTE IT.

    The laboratory can be a very exciting place in which to work but it can also be very dangerous if the safety rules are not obeyed.

  • 1. Never enter a Laboratory unless given permission by your teacher.
  • 2. Never have food or drink in a laboratory. Do not taste or lick chemicals from the laboratory glassware. Do not drink from laboratory glassware or taps.
  • 3. Wash your hands after using chemicals or biological materials.
  • 4. Tell your teacher if you cut or burn yourself.
  • 5. If you spill any chemicals or break some glassware, report it to your teacher who will tell you how to clean it up.
  • 6. Only put broken glass into the broken-glass bins.
  • 7. Always return cleaned equipment to the correct place.
  • 8. Leave benches clean and dry. Put rubbish in the bins and not in the sink.
  • 9. When heating or mixing substances, never look inside the flask, test tube or beaker. Do not point these experiments at anyone.
  • 10. Do not open cupboards or examine specimens or experiments left in the Laboratory unless permission by your teacher.
  • 11. Be careful using a Bunsen burner especially when you are wearing inflammable clothing.
  • 12. Follow the instructions of the teacher in charge of the class.

      01-04-2024: PRE KG - CLASS 2
      02-04-2024: CLASS 3 - CLASS 5
      03-04-2024: CLASS 6 - CLASS 9 & CLASS 11
    •   List of Candidate (LOC)'s documents verification dates are scheduled by the school:
      Class 12: 29th and 30th August 2023.
      Class 10: 31st Aug and 01st Sept 2023.
    •   School is suspended in all modes(i.e.offline or online)for a week starting from 17/04/2023 Monday, to 21/04/2023 Friday, owing to Government's proclamation circular dated on16/4/23 about prevailing heat wave situation.Further notice of reopening of school
    •   New Academic Session Starting from 5th April, 2023;
    •   Mandatory Public Disclosure