Request To Parents

1. Please co-operate with the school in ensuring an effective education to your children. This can be done by –


  • i. Providing suitable facilities of studies at home.
  • ii. Providing Text books, notebooks and other requirements to your ward.
  • iii. Assisting and guiding in doing homework.
  • iv. Assisting your ward in removing his/her deficiency in particular subjects.
  • v. Depositing fees as per rules.
  • vi. Providing proper school uniform.
  • vii. Providing nutritious food to your ward. Please avoid food made of onion, garlic mushroom and eggs etc for school tiffin.
  • viii. Not providing mobile phone to your children, both at home and School.


2. Please look into your ward’s school calendar frequently and see to it that the assigned home-work is done regularly.

3. Please see and countersign the remarks made in the School Calendar regularly.

4. If you feel or notice that your ward is not making the desired progress, kindly see the Principal. You are always welcome to the school to assure the progress of your ward.

5. On other days in case of emergency, Parents/Guardians may meet the Principal on all working days from 11:00 hrs to 12:00 hrs. You may contact the Subject and Class teachers personally on working Saturdays. Please don’t disturb the class by visiting the classroom on week days.

6. Please always send a leave application in respect of your ward addressed to the Principal through Class-teacher prior to the absence of your ward duly attested by you. Please don’t request for part-time leave of your ward.

7. Please ensure that your ward comes regularly in neat, clean and tidy school uniform. Don’t force the authority for exemption.

8. Please don’t send your ward to the school when he/she is having any infectious disease specially measles and small pox or is otherwise unwell.

9. Please don’t give costly things to your ward.

10. Please ensure that your ward is escorted safely to school and back home.

11. Though the school takes care of your ward while in school, the school cannot be held responsible for any self inflicted or accidental mishap/injury, physical or otherwise, that may befall on your ward.


    01-04-2024: PRE KG - CLASS 2
    02-04-2024: CLASS 3 - CLASS 5
    03-04-2024: CLASS 6 - CLASS 9 & CLASS 11
  •   List of Candidate (LOC)'s documents verification dates are scheduled by the school:
    Class 12: 29th and 30th August 2023.
    Class 10: 31st Aug and 01st Sept 2023.
  •   School is suspended in all modes(i.e.offline or online)for a week starting from 17/04/2023 Monday, to 21/04/2023 Friday, owing to Government's proclamation circular dated on16/4/23 about prevailing heat wave situation.Further notice of reopening of school
  •   New Academic Session Starting from 5th April, 2023;
  •   Mandatory Public Disclosure