Junior Curriculum

Bhaktivedanta National School is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). We believe that a code of best practice in the classroom will assist in the management of classroom activities and will create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning. Developing and using Best Practice is a commitment to using all the knowledge and technology at our disposal to ensure success. It is one way of striving to deliver world-class standards of performance.

Lower KG/ Upper KG

There is no formal education in these classes, the pre-primary section of the junior wing. They are conceptualized on the ‘home away from home’ concept that supplements a home, not substitutes it. These classes are a child's first exposure to a schooling environment that can be, and often is, a daunting prospect for kids.

Our primary aim in the junior wing is to make the children feel happy, secure and loved by providing an open, non-pressurized environment in order to create an atmosphere suitable for learning. Children are encouraged to wonder and question, and in the process make learning an exciting and fun-filled experience.

Bhaktivedanta National Schools aim at this introductory stage of schooling to socialize a child and help him/her in acquiring disciplined personal habits and to introduce him/her to letters and numbers. We believe that education is a holistic process. The development and growth of a student starts from the womb. Our aim is to make him/her an empowered learner with energy and skill so that the curiosity for lifelong learning is created, sustained and made effective. To achieve these goals, the best of Montessori, Kindergarten, Play way Method and other such activities as required by the social and cultural needs of society have been adopted and adapted for the Pre-Primary School.

Class I & II

One of the most powerful forces that helps in the development of self-confidence and perhaps the entire personality is the power of expression, both written and oral. 

At this stage, the faculties of listening, speaking, reading and writing and mathematical skills are developed. Assessments are done on the basis of the child's work in class.

Class III to V

The following subjects are formally introduced at this stage - English, Second Language (Hindi/Bengali), Mathematics, Science, Social Science (History/ Geography) Art Education, Music, Physical and Health Education, Computer Science, Moral Science and Life Skill. All subjects are taught by the interactive method where the teacher moves from the known to the unknown. A third language is also introduced at this stage which the child has to study compulsorily.

We offer the following as third languages:


2. Bengali.


    01-04-2024: PRE KG - CLASS 2
    02-04-2024: CLASS 3 - CLASS 5
    03-04-2024: CLASS 6 - CLASS 9 & CLASS 11
  •   List of Candidate (LOC)'s documents verification dates are scheduled by the school:
    Class 12: 29th and 30th August 2023.
    Class 10: 31st Aug and 01st Sept 2023.
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